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Barony of Dragonship Haven Roll of Arms

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Name Device Emblazon Blazon Online O&A Record Known Aliases East Kindom OP Record
Abraham ben AaronGules, two Sassanian horned winged demi-lions statant addorsed conjoined Or.To Online O&AAvrahm ben Aaron, Avraham ben AharonTo EK OP Page
Adhemar de VillarquamadaOr, semy-de-lys gules, a griffin segreant sable and a chief counter-ermine.To Online O&AMorgan de VillarquamadaTo EK OP Page
Agapios CargosGules, an eagle and on a base argent a sword and an axe in saltire sable.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Alejandra de MieraArgent, a yale rampant sable platy a bordure embattled sable.To Online O&AAlejandra Mercedes de RosanegraTo EK OP Page
Alexandra of DragonfordArgent, a dragon couchant to sinister purpure and a ford.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Alexandre sur la MerAzure, a compass rose argent.To Online O&AAlexander sur la Mer, Alexandre sur le MerTo EK OP Page
Amber SurreyOr, issuant from an ink pot sable a quill pen purpure, between in bend sinister two domestic cats sejant respectant sable.To Online O&AAmber Surrey of House Dragonslayer,Amber Surray of House DragonslayerTo EK OP Page
Antonius BlandusArgent, three lozenges gules and a chief triangular vert.To Online O&AAnges MacKincaid, Angus Caed ChathachTo EK OP Page
Aravis Katheryn DelClareErmine, on an ogress engrailed a clarion argent.To Online O&AAravis Katheryn del Clare, Aravis Katheryn DelClareTo EK OP Page
Arianna Ravenstar of WolfwoodOr, two estoiles and a unicornate wolf passant reguardant sable.To Online O&A“Aja”,Adrianna Ravenstar of Wolfwood,Arianna Ravestar of Wolfwood,Aja-Adrianna Ravenstar of Wolfwood,Arianna RavenstarTo EK OP Page
Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys of GwyneddGules, a dragon passant Or orbed gules, maintaining in its dexter forepaw an oak branch proper; a base barry dancetty azure and argent; overall a bordure Or.To Online O&AArwen Evaine ferch Rhys ap Gwynedd, Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys ap Gwynnedd, Arwen Evaine fert Rhys ap Gwynedd, Arwen Evain ferch Rhys of Gwynnedd, Arwen Evaine frech Rhys of Gywnnedd, Arwen Evaine Merch GwynethTo EK OP Page
Aurelie de MontpellierQuarterly Or and gules, a roundel between in bend two fleurs-de-lys and in bend sinister a harp and a cauldron counterchanged.To Online O&AAurelie de Montpellier, Aurelie de MontpelierTo EK OP Page
Aurora of Dragonship HavenPer fess azure and Or, a sun Or and a dog courant sable.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Balfar von GrunwaldPer saltire purpure and sable, a bear statant between three owls displayed guardant argent.To Online O&ABalfar von Grünwald, Balfar von GrunwaldTo EK OP Page
Berowne of ArdenGyronny vert and sable, an oak eradicated between three estoiles Or.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Brandub Mag OireachtaighArgent, on a fess sable between three leopards faces caboshed gules, three trefoils slipped Or.To Online O&AElias Gedney, Brandub Mag OireachtaighTo EK OP Page
Breck della ScalaPer bend indented sable, mulletty argent, and vert, in dexter base an increscent argent.To Online O&ABrekke della Scala,Brekka Della ScalaTo EK OP Page
Brianna Vivina O ChodaChevronelly purpure and Or, on a chief argent two ounces statant reguardant addorsed, tails entwined, breathing flame sable.To Online O&ABrianna Vivina O Choda, Brianna Vivina Ochoda, Brianna Vivina O’Choda, Brianna O’ChodaTo EK OP Page
Bronwen Rose GreylyngArgent, on a saltire vert a rose argent and on a chief azure three mullets Or.To Online O&ABrose, Bronwen Rose Greylyng, Bronwen Rose of GreylingTo EK OP Page
Cailin mac EachduinnPer bend sinister sable and vert a horse salient and another salient contourny argent.To Online O&ACailin mac Eachduinn, Colin MacKenzieTo EK OP Page
Casimir SarkastycznyPer fess argent and gules, in pale a roundel counterchanged sable and argent between two eagles counterchanged.To Online O&ACasimir Sarkastyczny, Casimir Kastyczny, Casimir Sakastyczny, Pan Casimir SarkastycznyTo EK OP Page
Cassandra MatisVert, a gurges and a bordure Or.To Online O&ACassandra Matis, Cassandra de Matisse, Cassandra de MatiseTo EK OP Page
Catalina de ValenciaAzure, a sea-horse and on a chief invected argent an arrow reversed gules.To Online O&ACatalina de Valencia, Catelina de ValenciaTo EK OP Page
Caterine Ganivre MartinArgent, a saltire parted and fretted between in pale two martlets volant and in fess two quatrefoils purpure.To Online O&ACatherine Ganivre MartinTo EK OP Page
Catherine du FayVert, on a wheel argent a winged cat sejant affronty wings displayed Or.To Online O&ACatherine de FayTo EK OP Page
Cedric of ArmoricaPer chevron inverted Or and azure billety Or, in chief a tankard azure.To Online O&ACedric of Amorica,CedricTo EK OP Page
Cei Wiclif of HaewengraesOr, a chili pepper bendwise sinister proper.To Online O&ACei Wyclif of Haewengraes, Cei Wicliff of HaewengraesTo EK OP Page
Chiaretta di FioreOr, a fox sejant guardant proper and in chief three pine trees couped sable.To Online O&AKataryn Mercer, Chiaretta di FioreTo EK OP Page
Christoffel d'Allaines-le-ComteAzure semy of stalks of wheat, on a pale Or a sword azure.To Online O&AChristoffel d’Allaines le-Comte, Christoffel d'Allaines-le-Comte, Christoffel d’Allaines le ComteTo EK OP Page
Ciaran TisonPer bend purpure and sable, a monster composed of the body of a wolf and the torso of a man, passant and maintaining in both hands a spear palewise, between two crescents inverted in bend sinister, all argent.To Online O&ACiaran Tysson the SneakyTo EK OP Page
Clarice d'Allaines-le-ComteAzure, in pall inverted three coneys courant conjoined at the ears, in chief a rapier fesswise Or.To Online O&AClarice d'Allaines le Comte, Clarice d'Allaines-le-ComteTo EK OP Page
Diana ferch MorfuddPer bend sinister gules and sable, in dexter chief a harp argent, and in sinister base a calendula Or, eyed sable, between in bend sinister two daisies argent, eyed Or.To Online O&ADiana ferch Morwyddd,Diana merch MorwyddTo EK OP Page
Dwane Shinnock Per chevron vert and purpure, a chevron between three pheons inverted Or. To Online O&A Dwane Shinnock, Dwayne Shinnock, Duane ShinnockTo EK OP Page
Dyan O'Choda Argent, on a bend between two bunches of grapes purpure, three hawk's bells palewise Or"> To Online O&A Mother Mary Julia, Dyan O’Choda, Dyan of Clan O’Choda, Dyan of Clann O’Choda To EK OP Page
Edward DragonslayerPer bend sinister azure and argent, a bend sinister between two dragons dormant to sinister, tails coward, within a bordure, all counterchanged.To Online O&A Edward DragonslayerTo EK OP Page
Efa Gath fachLozengy Or and azure semy of linden leaves counterchanged.To Online O&AParsley, Efa Gath fach, Diddanwy Caddfarh, Diddanwy Gathfac, Dyddanwy Gathfach, Efeilian Gathfach ferch Owain ap Bleddyn, Eifeilian Gathfach ferch Owain ap Bleddyn, Efelilian Gathfach ferch Owain ap Bleddyn, Eifeilian Gathfach ferch Owain ap Belddyn, Efeilian ferch Owain ap BlTo EK OP Page
Eilís ní BhraonáinGyronny ermine and azure, each gyron charged with a needle point to center counterchanged azure and argent.To Online O&AEilis ni BhraonainTo EK OP Page
Eleanore MacCarthaighPer fess purpure and sable, a stag trippant argent, attired Or and in chief a decrescent argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Gamli tottrSable semy of lozenges ployé argent, a man vested argent kilted vert maintaining in his hands two flanged maces argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Gideon ha-KhazarArgent, on a bend between two menorahs azure a bottlenosed dolphin naiant argent.To Online O&AGideon HaKhazarTo EK OP Page
Grimolfr SkulasonLozengy gules and argent, two ravens displayed and a wolf statant sable.To Online O&AGrímólf Skúlason, Grimolfr SkulasonTo EK OP Page
Gwendolyn of BasingOr, on a bend between two trefoils in fess and another azure a roach fish argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Hans Ferdinand EngelQuarterly gules and azure, a sword inverted winged at the blade argent transfixing a harp Or.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Henry Balsac DumasArgent, a heart voided sable within an orle of grapevine vert fructed purpure.To Online O&AHenry Balsac Dumas, Henry Balzac Dumas, Henry Bahlsak DuMass, Henry Balsac DuMas To EK OP Page
Holt KincaidOr, two brown otters combattant proper and a bordure vert.To Online O&AHolt Kincaid of Hawk Glen, Holt KincaidTo EK OP Page
Idon of SheffeldPer chevron inverted azure and gules, three maple leaves two and one argent and two scimitars in saltire proper.To Online O&AIdon of Sheffeld, Idon of SheffieldTo EK OP Page
Ingrid von BaumgartenArgent, a bend sable between a garden rose gules, slipped and leaved vert, and a sycamore tree eradicated proper. [Acer pseudoplatanus]To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Isabel de RoysPer bend purpure and vert, on a bend argent three thistles vert headed purpure.To Online O&AIsabel du RossTo EK OP Page
Isabella d'Allaines-le-ComteVert, a cauldron with flames at its bottom and on a chief Or two ladles in saltire vert.To Online O&AIsabella d’Allaines sur Comte, Isabella d'Allaines-le-Comte, Isabella d’Allaines le ComteTo EK OP Page
Ismenia WystanVert, in canton a winged eel hauriant embowed argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Ivar VolosatoiPer fess gules and checky sable and argent, in chief two arrows inverted in saltire surmounted by a goat's head cabossed argent.To Online O&AIvan Volosatoi,Ivar VolosottoiTo EK OP Page
Jacob FisherAzure, a sea-lion and on a chief argent a rapier vert.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Jame AguillierOr, a panther rampant guardant sable spotted of divers tinctures incensed and between two fleurs-de-lys gules.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Jean Michel le VaudPer saltire sable and gules, a wolf rampant argent and in chief a crescent Or.To Online O&AJean Michel LeVode, Jean Michel le VaudTo EK OP Page
Joan of CoggeshallPer pale gules and sable, three wagon wheels and a chief Or.To Online O&AJoan of CoggshallTo EK OP Page
Josef GajdosAzure, two bears statant erect respectant Or within six plates in annulo.To Online O&AJosef Gajdos Bratislavanko, Josef KhaidusTo EK OP Page
Joseph of the Red GriffinPer bend sinister Or and azure, a bend sinister embattled sable between a griffin segreant gules and two key in saltire, wards to chief, loops connected by a chain, Or.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Jost von AichstadtLozengy bendwise argent and azure, on a chief gules three seeblätter Or.To Online O&AJost von Aichstadt, Jost von EichstadtTo EK OP Page
Kathryn Elizabeth Lyons RamseyPer chevron sable and gules, two lions combatant and a ram's head cabossed argent.To Online O&AKathryn RamseyTo EK OP Page
Lavina AttewodePurpure, a unicorn tail nowed argent gorged with a collar and chain Or, a bordure gyronny of eight vert and argent.To Online O&ALavina AttewoodeTo EK OP Page
Leon the NavigatorPer bend sinister azure and vert, in bend an astrolabe and a caravel argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Leovigild of AraliaSable, three mountain peaks gules, fimbriated argent; issuant from the center peak a trident argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Lettice Peyton of AshdownVert, on a cross nowy quadrate argent a rabbit sejant proper maintaining a quill pen sable.To Online O&ALettice Payton of Ashdown, Lettice PeytonTo EK OP Page
Llewellyn WalshPer pale sable and vert, a horse rampant between in pale an arrow fesswise reversed and an arrow fesswise argent.To Online O&AHrossbjorn HestamaðrTo EK OP Page
Luna AthanwulfPurpure, between the horns of a decrescent a wolf's head erased contourny argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Mahin Banu TabriziPurpure, on a pale Or a feather azure.To Online O&ASelena d’Ambra, Selena d'Ambra, Selina d’Ambra, Mahîn Bânû TabrîzîTo EK OP Page
Marguerite de Saint NazaireVair, on a pale sable three escallops argent.To Online O&AAiden de Sainte Nazaire, Marguerite of Saint-Nazarre, Marguerite de St. NazaireTo EK OP Page
Marta de LyonPer fess purpure and azure, a duck naiant argent and in chief three mullets Or.To Online O&AMarta of LindisfarneTo EK OP Page
Maven WhitlockeOr, on a bend azure, cotissed gules, between two cinquefoils azure pierced Or, three hawks' bells Or.To Online O&AKatya the Halfhanded, Katja Hjalmarsdottir, Katya Hjalmsdattir, Maven WhitlockeTo EK OP Page
Migel Gneuyle de NormandiePer fess Or and azure, in chief a bicorporate lion gules, and in base a gurges argent.To Online O&AMigel de Normandie, Miguel d’Armentur de NormandieTo EK OP Page
Mikkel BildrSable, in pale a mannaz rune and a mastless drakkar, an orle argent.To Online O&AMikael the Builder, Mikkel Bíldr, Mikkel the BuilderTo EK OP Page
Morgan ap Rhys ap BranCounter-ermine, a sun argent charged with a lion's head caboshed gules and on a chief embattled argent two roses sable.To Online O&AMorgan ap Rhys, Morgan ap Rhys ap BranTo EK OP Page
Morwenna DurwardPurpure, on a bend sinister between two mushrooms argent, two harps palewise azure.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Myr d'Allaines-le-ComteGules, a fox sejant and on a chief argent three pumpkins gules.To Online O&AMyr d'Allaines-le-Comte, Myr d’Allaines le ComteTo EK OP Page
Nathaniel WyattPer fess azure and Or, a fess indented lozengy Or and azure between two rapiers inverted in saltire Or and a griffon azure.To Online O&AWyatt, of Beyond the Mountain, Nathanial Wyatt, Wyatt of Beyond the MountainTo EK OP Page
Nergis bint MustafaPer chevron purpure and vert, on a chevron argent three bunches of grapes palewise slipped and leaved proper, in base a bird migrant to chief argent.To Online O&ANergis of O’ChodaTo EK OP Page
Olaf Olafsson of Dragonship HavenOr, a linden tree eradicated and on a chief vert three stags salient Or.To Online O&AOlaf Olaffson, Olaf Olafsson of Dragonship HavenTo EK OP Page
Olivia GraemePurpure, a bend sinister bretessed Or between an abacus palewise and a pair of scissors argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Omelan the LefthandedOr, a pithon glissant sable.To Online O&AOmelân the Lefthanded, Omelan the LeftTo EK OP Page
Oskar of the WoodGules, a stag springing argent and in sinister chief a decrescent Or within a bordure ermine.To Online O&AOskgar of the Wood, Osgkar of the WoodTo EK OP Page
Ottar ErikssonPer chevron wavy argent, estoilly vert, and vert, in base a rabbit sejant guardant, armed with a stag's attire, argent.To Online O&AOttar EriksonTo EK OP Page
Pagan GraemeGyronny argent and sable, a heart gules between eight acorns in annulo counterchanged.To Online O&APegan GrahamTo EK OP Page
Phebee FayrheheBendy argent and sable, a talbot sejant guardant and on a chief gules three escarbuncles argent.To Online O&APhebee FayrheheTo EK OP Page
Qadagin-u JajiradaiOr, a yak passant and a chief azure.To Online O&AJaji, Quadagin-u JajiradaiTo EK OP Page
Ragnarr Two-Axe of the SwampAzure, two axes in saltire proper, surmounted by a cartouche Or charged with a rat sejant erect sable, all within a Norse four-legged serpent in annulo, head to tail argent.To Online O&ARagnarr Two-Axe of the Reeking Swamp, Ragnar Two-Axe, Ragnar Two Axe, Ragnarr Two-Axe of the SwampTo EK OP Page
Reyne WurmOr, a crow close contourny between three gouttes, on a chief sable a sword fesswise Or.To Online O&AReyne Wurm, Renye WyrmTo EK OP Page
Rhode KephalainaArgent, a saltire gules between four roses sable, barbed vert, seeded, and a bordure gules.To Online O&ARosette de Rheims, Rosette de Rheims, Rhode Kephalaina, Rosette de RhiemsTo EK OP Page
Richard the Poor of ElyPer bend azure and vairy sable and argent, in sinister chief six mullets Or.To Online O&ARichard of Shire An Dubhaigeainn, Richard the PoorTo EK OP Page
Roderick of BasingAzure, a fess gules fimbriated Or; in canton a cross-crosslet Or.To Online O&ARoderic of Basing, Robert of Basing, Roderick of BasingTo EK OP Page
Sara Sala di ParutaPer pale sable and vert, a talbot sejant contourny Or collared gules maintaining a roundel Or.To Online O&ASara di Salaparuta, Sarah di Salaparuta, Sara of SalaparutaTo EK OP Page
Sean GobhaArgent, a stag rampant sable, on a chief embattled gules, a catamount passant to sinister Or.To Online O&ASean GoublinneTo EK OP Page
Seosamh O ChodaOr, a pale purpure between a cauldron sable and a heart gules.To Online O&ASeosamh Ó Chóda, Seosamh O’Choda, Seosainh O’Choda, Seosamh O Choda, Seosamh O'Choda, Seosamh O ChodaTo EK OP Page
Siobhan inghean ChormaicPer chevron argent and azure, a chevron counterchanged between three pheons gules and a triquetra argent.To Online O&ASiobhan inghean Chormaic, Siobhan inhean ChormaicTo EK OP Page
Sitt al-Gharb ha-niqret KhazariyyaQuarterly argent and purpure, a winged monkey segreant Or and on a chief embattled sable three crescents Or.To Online O&AHrefna Spákona, Sitt al-Gharb ha-niqret Khazariyya To EK OP Page
Stephen de RaymondOr, on a fess between two roundels purpure, three bezants.To Online O&AStephan de RaymondTo EK OP Page
Susana Marie of PalermoPer bend sinister pean and ermine, on a bend sinister gules three quatrefoils argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Temair ingen MuiredaichPer bend sinister rayonny vert and argent semy of bunches of grapes purpure, a fox sejant contourny argent.To Online O&ATamarrion di Sidana, Temair inghen Muiredaich, Temair inghean Muiredaich, Tammarion di SidanaTo EK OP Page
Theodore BarristerVert, a hanging balance and a chief Or.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Theodore Digenes DucasPer bend sinister azure and argent, a quill pen bendwise sinister Or and a recorder bendwise sinister sable.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Torrin O CuinnPer pale gules and azure, a sword palewise between two wings displayed, all within a bordure Or.To Online O&ATorrin the Wanderer, Torrin the Wonderer, Torrin O CuinnTo EK OP Page
Tristan de WorrellOr, two boars combattant sable, in base a wooden barrel proper.To Online O&ATristan de Warrel,Tristram de WarrelTo EK OP Page
Ulfgeirr RagnarssonQuarterly gules and argent, a stag and a horse combatant sable.To Online O&AUlfgeirr Ragnarsson the Nice, Ulfgar the Nice, Ulfgeirr RagnarssonTo EK OP Page
Umm Butrus A'isha al-AnidaAzure ermined argent, on a plate a dragon displayed sable.To Online O&AUmm Butrus A'isha al-AnidaTo EK OP Page
Ursula de Santiago y GalicianoArgent, a bear rampant between three theatrical masks azure.To Online O&AUrsula Santiago y GalicianoTo EK OP Page
Vienna de la MerArgent, on a pale wavy between two Latin crosses formy swallowtailed azure a sea-unicorn argent.To Online O&AViennet de la MerTo EK OP Page
Wilhelm von OstenbruckeArgent, on a fess embattled between three Maltese crosses azure a sword reversed argent.To Online O&AElric von Ostenbridge, Wilhelm von OstenbruckeTo EK OP Page
William of Dragonship Haven (holding name)Or semy-de-lys gules, a griffin segreant sable and on a chief counterermine a fleur-de-lys Or.To Online O&AWilliam de ClarensTo EK OP Page
William of St. IvesSable, a sea-griffin rising, wings displayed, tail pendant, argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
William of the Black FletchSable, on a bend sinister argent between two bezants, an arrow sable.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page
Willow BenoitArgent, a weeping willow tree per pale gules and vert issuant from a mount sable.To Online O&ACoil Tuar, Willow BenoitTo EK OP Page
Wladislaw of ConcordiaSable, a cross swallowtailed, gyronny gules and argent, fimbriated and within a bordure Or.To Online O&APoleski of Concordia,Wladislaw Polyeski,Wladislaw of ConcordiaTo EK OP Page
Yosef AlaricAzure, in saltire a trumpet inverted Or and a lute in profile proper.To Online O&AJosef Alaric, Yosef Alaric of the BalisetTo EK OP Page
Ysabella de DraguignanAzure, a peacock in his pride argent the tail marked azure and in chief three fleurs-de-lys argent.To Online O&ATo EK OP Page